Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is an essential part of any modern veterinary practice. Many conditions cannot be diagnosed without laboratory analysis, microscopic examination, X-rays, or other form of diagnostic test. Here at Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital, we use modern diagnostic equipment to quickly assess your pet's level of health or identify her illness.

Our extensive in-house laboratory and powerful microscope allow us to analyze blood, urine, feces, and examine other biological specimens. This equipment makes it possible to identify bacterial and viral infections, as well as parasites that live on and in the skin, blood, and digestive tract. We can measure the important electrolytes in blood to determine how well the kidneys, liver and pancreas are functioning. Determining the level of other components in blood like white and red blood cells, hormones, and certain markers allows Dr. Baker to diagnose anemia, infection, thyroid or heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and similar serious conditions.

Like other pet hospitals, and even hospitals that treat humans, we use a reference laboratory to conduct our complicated biological testing, such as DNA analysis, toxicological screening, or complex chemical assays.

Our X-ray machine with automatic processor allows us to quickly produce images showing the condition or location of dense structures inside the body. We also have rapid access to ultrasound equipment that lets us peek inside the body in real-time, providing a more three-dimensional view while the body is functioning.

In short, we are proud to provide a full range of veterinary diagnostic procedures to our patients here, at Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital.