There are situations where ending a pet’s life is the kindest option available. Whether or not to euthanize is a personal decision that should not be made until after the pet owner has all the facts about his animal’s treatment options, and their effects on the chances of recovery. The pet owner needs to know the type and degree of disability his pet may face; and the amount and type of care the pet will need, and for how long. Dr. Baker can provide all the information a pet owner needs to make an informed decision about euthanasia.

When the time comes to say good-bye to a cherished pet, some owners prefer to remain with their animal throughout the euthanasia procedure. Others would rather spend a few moments alone with the pet afterwards, to say goodbye. At the owner’s direction, we can arrange for cremation or burial of the deceased pet. If home burial is preferred (and local ordinances permit), the body is wrapped and returned to the owner.

At Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital, we understand that the decision to end a pet’s life with dignity is difficult and heartbreaking. But it can also be the most compassionate act you ever take on behalf of your pet. The American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA) provides some very helpful information and advice to pet owners who are struggling to make the right decision for their pets. You can download and read the brochure here: Pet Euthanasia: How do I know it’s time?