Nutritional Support

Many of the diseases animals develop stem from eating an improper diet. Getting the right amounts of needed nutrients can prevent or reduce the incidence of several types of health problems. Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital often prescribes specially-formulated diets to support our patients’ good health. We stock varieties of pet food made by Hill’s, Science Diet, and Evo that are specifically formulated to meet the nutrient needs and dietary restrictions of pets with heart, kidney, gastrointestinal, and joint problems. Dr. Baker also supplies prescription nutritional supplements for certain health issues, to patients whose owners prefer to give their pets natural products over pharmaceuticals.

A patient's diet is of major concern to us at Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital, because we recognize that optimal nutrition is the foundation of good health. We have registered with a convenient home delivery service through which our clients can obtain the hard-to-find prescription or recommended veterinary diets their pets need to achieve optimum health.