On-Site Pharmacy

At Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital, we treat a broad spectrum of health problems in companion animals. Treatment of most health conditions in animals involves administration of one or more medications, either here in the Hospital, or at home by the pet owner. So our patients don’t have to wait to start treatment, we keep a large array of medicines on hand.

Our suppliers range from the largest pharmaceutical companies to independent manufacturers. However, all medications we dispense are FDA-approved. We also prescribe and provide compounded medications, nutrition supplements, and therapeutic diets if the patient’s condition calls for them. For pet owners who live at a distance or who find it inconvenient to drive to the Hospital for refills, we are happy to arrange home delivery of our patients’ medicines.

We believe our medication prices are comparable to those of reputable Internet pharmacies, especially after handling and shipping fees are added. In addition, we can often beat their prices using rebates that manufacturers give us. To ensure that the pet owner receives the refund, we complete the rebate with the pet owner’s information and submit it. The rebate check goes directly to the pet owner via US mail.

Our goal is to provide the best care to our patients, and the best service to their owners. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring our patients have access to the right medication for their health problems.