Pain Management

Companion animals suffer from the same discomforts that people do—they just can’t tell us about it!

At Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital, we recognize that pets have pain, and do all we can to make them more comfortable. For instance, we regularly dispense analgesics to our patients for short-term use after surgery.

Many times, what pet owners see as signs that their animal is “just getting old” is really their pet’s response to pain. Because of this misunderstanding, unfortunately, the real problem never gets addressed, unless the animal is brought into the Hospital for his Wellness Exam or Preventive Care, or for an unrelated illness. Dr. Baker's training and experience allow him to recognize the animal’s painful behavior, determine the cause, and treat the problem--which often results in rapid improvement, to the delight of both the pet and his owner!

In cases where fixing the animal’s problem is not possible, however, there is no need to let the pet suffer. We often dispense medication to pets for chronic pain issues as seen in arthritis, for example. In addition, Dr. Baker is aware of non-drug methods of pain relief.

Pain management, whether temporary or long-term, can make all the difference in the world to the pet’s quality of life. Thanks to veterinary research, modern pharmaceuticals, and Dr. Baker’s dedication to bettering his patients’ lives, euthanasia—formerly the only method available by which a pet owner could alleviate her pet’s suffering—can now be delayed or avoided through sound and effective pain management.