Spay/Neuter Procedures

The urge in animals to reproduce is one of the strongest instincts in nature, as anyone who has lived with a pet “in heat” knows. Each year, a single female cat can produce an average of 10-15 kittens, while the average female dog, depending on breed, can give birth to 8-20 puppies. It does not take a degree in biology to realize that the pet owner who does not spay a female pet will quickly be overrun with offspring that, within months, will be reproducing at that very same rate!

To help pet owners avoid this situation, Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital offers safe and painless pet sterilizations at affordable prices. The process is simple. Call us to schedule an appointment for the procedure. Ensure your animal has nothing to eat or drink after 12:00 a.m. on the day of the surgery. Bring the pet to the Hospital shortly after we open, and pick the pet up before we close. Most animals are back to normal within 24 to 48 hours.

Your pet will have taken a nap and awakened to a new world: one that does not include anxious pacing, and pawing or scratching, and caterwauling or howling or whining for days (and nights) on end. Or the irresistible need to leave a fragrant marker throughout the neighborhood (including the interior of your home). No more injuries (to you or your pet) from contending with amorous suitors. And no more mood swings. In fact, sterilized animals are usually more affectionate toward their owners than before their surgeries. They become, in a word, content.

All of this can be had for about the price of decent seats for two at a music concert. However, to make sure even this low price doesn't stand in the way of a pet owner's good intentions, we also offer a financing option, CareCredit, that allows a pet owner to pay for the procedure over a six-month interval, without interest.