Surgical Treatment

Reasons for surgery on a pet are vast, and at Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital, we perform all types of surgeries: From simple removal of a cyst or lump in the skin, to eye or oral surgery, to complex orthopedic repair, or exploration of the abdominal cavity.

All surgical procedures at Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital are performed under anesthesia that is tailored to the individual animal. We carefully monitor the depth and effectiveness of the sedation. In addition, we use modern methods to keep our patients from becoming chilly in the cool operating room. To prevent infection, which can lead to complications, delay healing, and increase an animal’s pain, surgery is conducted in sterile conditions using sterile surgical techniques.

Whether an animal requires surgery because of an accident or illness, we strive to make and keep our patients as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Pain medications are routinely administered in the Hospital to our surgical patients. We also provide analgesics to be given to the pet by his owner at home, as directed.